Tweaked Ethereum Mining BIOS for: ASUS STRIX RX 480 / RX 580 8GB

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Hello guys,

If you’ve stumbled across this, the chances are that you are in search of a tweaked BIOS for your STRIX RX 480 or RX 580. I have tuned this one myself and it has proven to be stable for many days without any issue on eight different cards. It has been vigorously tested by myself and my mining partner, and has proven to be very effective. The screenshot which you see above is after Windows made up our minds to install the Creators update on my machine. Swell, eh?
What we saw from the tweaked BIOS:
The ability to lower power consumption;
3 to 3.5 MH/s PER card improvement at stock speeds, and;
Great stability.
This sale is for the tweaked BIOS only, and not for an RX 480 or RX 580. I will be able to also include an instruction manual on how to flash your card(s). 
Please note: this BIOS is strictly for the ASUS STRIX RX 480 or RX 580. It’ll flash your RX 480 into an RX 580, but if you want for it to remain recognized as an RX 480, let me know when you take a look at. I have both files on hand.
All tweaked BIOS files that come from me are from ORIGINAL graphics card BIOS files, so you’ll be able to be sure that they are protected.
I am not responsible for the flash going incorrect, you perform this action at your own risk. You must understand and comply with this before considering a purchase. I’m able to assist with the recovery of the card if you require help.
Delivery of the files will be via email, and within 12 hours of payment being processed.

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