Crypto Coin Open Air Mining Frame Rig Case up to 6 GPU’s ETH BTC Ethereum

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Crypto Coin Open Air Mining Frame Rig Case up to 6 GPU’s ETH BTC Ethereum

This listing is for a very practical mid-sized open air mining frame.  Frame only, no video cards, or other computer parts are included.  It is ideal for mining rig setups supporting up to 6 video cards, but may be a great choice for 4 or 5 cards as well.  This frame is very solid and well built.  You will not see any large wooden knots, crooked wood, or messy workmanship on our frames!  All major joints are glued and nailed with finish nails.  The pegboard motherboard tray allows for flexibility and adds a large number of rigidity to the frame.  The frame ships almost fully assembled, and only will require 8 screws to be inserted into pre-drilled holes to fortify the front and rear video card arms.  We’ve been making this same frame design since 2014!  Watch out for copy cats that have copied our design but don’t give you the same level of quality!

All of our frames ship with a nice set of accessories to get you up and going without more than one trips to the store.

  • Mining frame with front and rear video card arms
  • 8 large screws for mounting the video card arms
  • 10 small screws for video card mounting
  • Motherboard spacers and screws.  Uses 4 standoffs on pegboard.
  • A variety of zip ties
  • Some twist tie material that may be cut to size
  • ATX power switch (2 LED’s, reset and power switch)
  • Instruction sheet

Size: About 22″ x 17″ x 10″

Frames will ship within 24 hours of being ordered, on a regular basis faster!

Shipping is calculated based on buyer location.  Combined shipping is calculated automatically and additional frames on a regular basis only adds a couple of dollars in extra shipping charges per frame!  Both shipping options, Fedex Ground (1-5 day) and USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Day) are shipped with Tracking and Insurance.

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