1 GPU Mining Rig – 1200 sol/s – ZEC Zcash mining contract – 24 Hours

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5x XFX RX 470 GPU (Zcash) 1 day (24hrs) Mining Contract – 1200 sol/s

Purchase a couple of to receive a longer contract.
Only a service is being sold here! No miners or physical items are being sold and nothing will be mailed.
I am providing a Zcash mining contract @ 1200 sol/s for 1 day (24 hrs). The hashrate is guaranteed to be at least 1200 sol/s on the miner, not at the pool.
This miner is configured with claymores v12.2 to mine Zcash
What is The Contract and How does it work?
Buyer will give you the pool, worker name, and password in checkout.

Example: Pool: stratum+tcp://prohashing.com:3333 Worker: worker_name Password: x

It is recommend the buyer uses Supernova mining pool (0% mining fee) or provide at least 2 pools. I will be able to list up to 3 pools. The miner software will pick the 1st pool that is functioning in the order the buyer provides their pools.
If buyer needs a pool change, send a message through eBay and it is going to be changed as soon as I view the message.
Once purchase is completed, buyer will receive a message stating an approximate start time/date.
After payment clears buyer will be notified mining has begun.
I am not responsible for anything the buyer mines. Coins will be sent to the worker name when the pool decides.
The pool hashrate is not guaranteed to be equal to the miner hashrate. The only guarantee is the miner will run at least 1200 sol/s
Miner run-time is guaranteed. I am not responsible for downtime caused by the pool.
Downtime such as power loss will be compensated on an hour to hour basis (1 hr loss = 1 hr added, 5 hr loss = 5 hr added, and so on…).
I will notify the buyer of any issues. If I do not and the miner seems to be down, please message me and I will be able to work to fix the issue.
No refund is guaranteed.
The term “guarantee” means the best attempt to provide what the buyer has paid to receive.
Additional Information:
These miners are powered 100% by Solar Energy
The listing is for 1200 sol/s but the miner usually averages at 1300 sol/s. The pool speed is not guaranteed to be the same!
Depending on the pool and coin, the hashrate will be higher or lower (1200 +/- 15%). The guarantee is the miner speed is at least 1200 sol/s.
The miner is fully functional. Hashing in a cool, clean environment.
The quicker the payment is provided the quicker the contract will start. Ask me about payment with Bitcoin.
Providing mining details (pool, worker) in checkout will prevent further delays.
Ask about a 15 minute test before making a purchase.
An open contract will also be extended. Send a message and terms will also be negotiated. There may be a time gap between the original purchase and the extension.
If a different contract length is desired (longer/shorter), I will be able to create a custom listing.
No physical items are being provided or sent. This can be a service.
The purchase will be marked “shipped” when the mining begins.
Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, there are no returns or refunds once payment has been made. Downtime will be compensated. Exceptional downtime that cannot be compensated, may be eligible for a partial refund.
Ethereum, Zcash, dash, monero, bitcoin, BTC, XMR

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